Andy Biersack’s ‘thank you’ speech at the APMA’s for the Most Dedicated Fans award.

Anonymous asked: Did you watch the awards? If you did I hope you KILLJOYS NEVER DIE before the bvb speech.

Andy performs with The Misfits

APMAS Dedicated Fans AWARD

APMAS Most Dedicated Fans Award Acceptance Speech

Andy: Hey everybody how you doin' tonight? My name is Andy I sing for a band called Black Veil Brides and I wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everyone who voted for us to win this award this year. I know that we are not always the most popular band to everyone but to our fanbase, they have given us a chance to have a career, you have given us a chance to do anything, you have given me a chance to stand on this stage.So thank you so much to the BVBArmy, thank you so much for giving me a chance, a kid from Ohio, you gave me a chance. Thank you. Now this is a fanbase award and therefor I feel that I should not be holding this, so I'd like to give this to one of you who is a Black Veil Brides Fan.


The “Suicide Sign”

"Metal Heads": That band sucks
"Metal Heads": Your band sucks
"Metal Heads": This band sucks
"Metal Heads": New bands suck
Me: What even do you like at all?
Anonymous asked: Seriously? Shut the fuck up.

Someone’s a sore loser



I’ll never understand people who get pissed over who wins fan voted awards. Like, it’s your own fault if you’re unhappy, you should’ve fuckin voted more.

People get so pissed when BVB wins things

There’s this thing, it’s called voting. You should try it some time if you want a different band to win. 


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Cool cosplay


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