Music Can Save Your Life! (Halloween Edition)
(best vines on tumblr:

Don’t look at the Black Veil Brides tag on

especially if you don’t have money


Ashley is the only one paying attention to the cameraman

Too late already told him

Kay so, normally I’m really good at being confident and telling guys straight up how I feel about them. I’m scared to tell this guy how I feel about him, should I just tell him anyway as I normally do? I’ve got nothing to lose, literally, but I feel like he’s different from the rest. 

I truly believe Wretched & Divine is Black Veil Brides best album (so far)

I have made the fatal mistake. I got the bitstrips app, BVB bitsrips for everyone!

Do you ever just look at CC and think..

huh this guy’s name is CHRISTIAN. Christian. CHRISTian. Now I’m getting weirded out by peoples names. 

"You can’t save the world…save YOUR heart. Be a catalyst & create a life where you are powerful. Rebel. Be happy & allow others happiness." ~ Andy Biersack

Everything about this picture is perfect

Single boys