We nominate Black Veil Brides to do the ALS challenge

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SOMETIMES I just sit here and wonder…how many cans of hairspray Black Veil Brides have gone through.


The old Andy Biersack would have looked up to the new Andy Biersack 

mashcakeirwin already has a magazine and signed poster

So the new new winner for the other set is

My two winners are…

If either one of them does not reply to my message within a week I will announce another winner. 

rosakeeling asked: wow its been months when announced that you were doing a give away!

Yeah I’m a little bent about it

rosakeeling asked: yea finally! so who won!

It’s not here, they shipped it recently. I want it to be here before I announce winners. Just in case.

The world is a fucked up place

All my followers please stay safe

Child: *SCREAMS*
Me: Do you have to bloody scream? Do you HAVE to? Are you in a metal band? What's your label?



i’m in the mood for a boy with a deep voice to tell me nice things 

So listen to Black Veil Brides?

They’re finally shipping the Signed Andy poster and magazine