" Awesome last day of shooting with great people 👌 @andybvb @jinxxed4life @ashleypurdyinc @jakepittsbvb (missing @ceesespieces) ” - @lizzy_cupcake

teenaged girls

As an fyi I’m 20 lol I don’t need permission to see BVB or dress a certain way. My dad just wanted to see why I like BVB so much. So he got the two of us VIP tickets for a show as a father and daughter thing. 

Part of me is really worried that my dad is going to see BVB with me.

Because I’m going to get all googly eyed and flirt with Ashley as much as I can. It’s not like I can wear my Ashley Purdy merch around my dad, it’s meant to be provocative. 


#BVBARMY you guys are amazing! Thank you for all the support! Much love and respect to you all! #BlackVeilBridesIV

It’s great that the album drop is a day earlier.

Can’t wait another lol

nyny1907 asked: Your posts are absolutely amazing, Whats ur username. I want more of you.

what does (me username)? lol thank you

Me: yeah I like guys in make up, is that a problem? You seem so disgusted by it you should be fine that if I date one you don't have to date him. He's off the market buddy.

I cried listening to Faithless

Anyone else?

Faithless - Black Veil Brides - World Premier

Ways to torture

Chinese water torture
Pulling limbs
Looking at Andy's instagram because it's frustrating
Faithless- Black Veil Brides - Teaser→

Le autograph collection

punkgirlinasouthernbelleworld asked: BABE YOU'RE THE BEST FOR HEART OF FIRE I MISSED IT THE OTHER DAY

I didn’t post it, bvblegion did. I only reblogged it. Give them a follow!