Anonymous asked: wait seriously its gonna be called "Black Veil Brides" they're fourth album is??? :/

Self titled albums are normally the best for any band lyrically and musically.

Black Veil Brides fourth album is to be called “Black Veil Brides”

Employee music fridays (where employees pick music)

Me: *plays I am Bulletproof by Black Veil Brides*
My boss: Megan can you pick more appropriate music?
Me: Hears Nicki Minaj's Anaconda 4 times a day Monday through Thursday

Let’s see how many religious people complain to my boss about my “satanic” tattoo


My roommate thinks that having sex for 30 minutes makes her more sore than me going on a 10 mile bike ride

I fucking laughed and started getting irritated that she claimed she was in more pain than me. I can’t even sit on my bed without it hurting.

Sorry for lack of posts. I’m drowning in homework and it’s been 3 days into college.

Hows the BVBArmy today?

I think my roommate is seriously having phone sex on the phone right now. It’s like 11. I am not up for this shit. School starts tomorrow. My walls are so THIN. 


Where I can see the exact same people perform and win awards as the same year before, and the year before that, and the year before that. 

Taylor Swift? By golly gee, never seen her perform on MTV. Don’t forget the rock award no wait we actually mean pop-rock but more on the pop side.

establishedm0onchi1d asked: Idk if you have an Instagram or not but if you do did you see Andy's new picture he posted from earlier today? HE DOESN'T EVEN LOOK FUCKING REAL, I MEAN SERIOUSLY.

I saw it. He’s an Enigma.