Happy Birthday! The BVBArmy loves you!

Guess who’s Birthday is tomorrow?

Here's a BVB Easter Egg Hunt.

CC: "Ok guys, I hid the Easter eggs last night when I was drunk so I don't know where they are"
Andy: "Let's do this!" *punches wall* "Ow"
Ashley: "So is this in teams or?"
CC: "No, no teams"
Andy: "Where's Jake?"
*they look around, sees Jake crawling around*
Jake: "Haha fuck you guys I've already found three"
*they all scatter*
Andy: *under table* "I found one!" *Sits up, forget's he's under table and bumps his head* "Fuck"
Jinxx: *standing in the center of the room, arms crossed* "This is Idiotic" -.-
Ashley: "The fuck man?! I picked one up and it broke! didn't you boil them?!"
CC: "You're supposed to boil them?"

Apparently, when I go to bed stressed out & hungry…

I have dreams that I go to Black Veil Brides concerts but instead of instruments they use puppets and put on a puppet show for everyone.


Music Can Save Your Life! (Halloween Edition)
(best vines on tumblr:

Don’t look at the Black Veil Brides tag on

especially if you don’t have money


Ashley is the only one paying attention to the cameraman

Too late already told him

Kay so, normally I’m really good at being confident and telling guys straight up how I feel about them. I’m scared to tell this guy how I feel about him, should I just tell him anyway as I normally do? I’ve got nothing to lose, literally, but I feel like he’s different from the rest. 

I truly believe Wretched & Divine is Black Veil Brides best album (so far)